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If I were to stream right now, would anyone be interested?

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I’ve had a few inquiries about where to print and what to print, so I’m going to make a guide based of what I’ve done over the years.


This can be a really tough question. Do you prefer to do large, finished images. Or do you like working on smaller, simpler stuff? Here’s a list of basic sizes:

  • 4x6 (postcard sized)
  • 8.5x11 (standard piece of paper)
  • 11x17 or 12x18 (poster sized)

Now, that’s just for prints. If you want to do bookmarks, 1-1.5x4in+ is generally the way to go. I’ve also seen people sell things like paper dolls, puppets, and all sorts of other paper crafts! So don’t feel like you’re limited to just prints.

In terms of trinkets like keychains or charms, the size is really up to you! There are lots of people who make keychains out of 2-3in. chibis, laminate them, and attach them to keyrings. I think these are really cute and very cost effective! Charms can go from 1-3in, and can either be done via shrinky dink paper (which I have seen around and think is awesome) or you can get them professionally printed and laser cut. The former is much cheaper and easier, but the latter looks a bit more pro, in my opinion at least. 

The next thing to put into consideration is the technical stuff! Basically all I have to say here is to work at 300dpi or higher, and always make sure your stuff translates well to CMYK! I’m not very good at doing that second part, and I’ve had some problems because of it. Don’t become like me! Be prepared! ; A ;

I guess all I have left to give is all my links! I hope you guys find this stuff useful and I hope you all have good AA experiences! I look forward to selling with some of you in the future! :3

Business Cards:




  • Super good quality, fast and friendly! They still send me a thank you Christmas card every year, even though I haven’t bought from them the past couple years.

Promotional Stuff:

  • Want plastic sleeves for your prints? Want cool display boxes? Want cute little pouches for your charms? YEAH YOU DO! These guys are sorta spendy though, but in the end they are totally worth it!

I’ll probably be updating this thing over the years with more places I end up liking! 

Junk totally knows her stuff and this is a good post!

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